About Us

We are a husband and wife that like to travel, explore, and create memories. We are originally from the Midwest but have lived in Horizon West for the past 11 years. We have always enjoyed bringing outdoor games to friends gatherings and the atmosphere that they create. This got us thinking, "What if we could bring that same playful energy to our community?" We love living in Horizon West and being apart of the continuous growth. We see the potential in this community and want to contribute to its development. As far as games, we have some classic favorites along with some brand new, trendy games. With 70+ game options (and growing) we are sure to have something for everyone at your next get together. Where's the party? We're on our way!

We are proud to support and be involved in our community. If your School or PTSO is looking for sponsorship and event activity options we are OCPS Vendor Certified! Below are Sponsorships and Memberships we are involved with.



Member since 2022