How does this work?

Fill out the Rental Request form and we will message you about your rental. If everything looks good, we send you and invoice. 

What is your cancellation process?

Your games are not reserved until payment has been made. Once paid, you have to notify us of the cancellation prior to 72 hours of the event otherwise there will be a  $50 cancellation fee. 

How long do I get the games for?

One day rental but willing to work with you based on availability.

How far will you deliver to?

Depends on our availability, let us know, we might work something out.

What if a piece gets lost or broken?

Depends on how severe or easily replaceable it is. Anywhere from $20 fee to game replacement. 

Are the games water resistant?

Our games do not like the rain, especially our wood ones! Please keep them dry.

Can I buy any of these games?

Yes! Check out Purchase Games.

Are these games for Kids or Adults?

That's the beauty, there is something for everyone! 

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